Daniel Dittmar

Panama based artist stands between the line of art and architecture. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Daniel attended the Carlos Raúl Villanueva School of Architecture at the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas and received his BA in architecture in 2010.

Architecture, stencil art, and digital media are prevalent subjects throughout his work while combining them with traditional techniques like linocuts and screen printing.
Daniel has been expanding his artistic spectrum towards muralism with the focus of the development of several parallel investigations in which he explores the execution of projects with three-dimensional printing media, parametric design, and CNC cutting.
Daniel has also been teaching classes and workshops around the printing with engraved linen technique as well as collaborating with several companies.

Often uses sinuous lines or vectors and often linked to geometric compositions where it makes use of depth layers and patterns of progressive volumetric textures. His work represents the people and the environment that surrounds him as well as reminiscences of travel and places of importance to him.